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Meet the Arcos Group Teams

Arcos Group staff have a diverse range of skills and experiences which is necessary to successfully complete the range of projects the company delivers. Arcos Group focus on delivering projects efficiently whilst maintaining the highest standards.

Billy Blake


Principal Geotechnical Engineer B.Eng (Civ)(Hons), MIEAust, RPEQ, CPEng, NER
Billy Blake has 10 years’ experience working as a geotechnical engineer throughout Australia and some experience abroad. He is skilled in design, supervision and management of ground investigations, site inspections, slope stability analysis, risk and hazard assessments. 

Billy’s cross-discipline approach to providing geotechnical advice that considers other disciplines requirements provides our clients with a collaborative and thought-out solution.

He has been involved in investigations providing design and construction advice for railway infrastructure, electrical substations and transmission lines, water and sewage schemes, residential and commercial developments, power stations, solar farms, schools, warehouses, sports fields, small scale airports, and acid sulfate soils.

Billy’s proven record in the industry has been based upon providing immediate advice to ensure projects are not delayed whilst maintaining all legislative, community and personal commitments to the highest level achievable.

Lachlan Swann


Principal Civil Engineer B.Eng (Civ)(Hons), MIEAust, RPEQ, CPEng, NER
Lachlan is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 10 years’ of industry experience, covering Australia and the United Kingdom, as well as remote locations in developing countries.

His experience covers numerous phases of the project lifecycle, from strategic advisory and business case planning to detailed design and construction supervision. He is client focused, identifying and managing risk to ensure successful delivery of projects.

Lachlan’s background and experience has been gained in managing large scale infrastructure projects (project values up to $1.6 Billion) and focusing multi-discipline engineering teams to achieve successful outcomes.

Lachlan currently supports the local industry with his expertise in applying his design and construction management experience, including value-add engineering, hazard and risk mitigation, and effective communication between design and construction.

Grant Minchev


Senior Civil Engineer B.Eng (Civ)(Hons), MIEAust
With more than a decade of experience, Grant’s experience extends from residential and commercial developments to public realm redevelopments, defence, and major infrastructure projects.

Grant’s strong technical background supplements his role as a civil engineer. Working in roles within Australia and Northern Europe has refined his project and design management aptitudes. He has proven skills in various industry software packages with significant civil, roads, and stormwater design knowledge.

As a design manager, Grant has a very comprehensive understanding of projects’ design needs offering a pragmatic approach. His ability to understand client requirements, and apply design scope to the brief whilst outlining any shortcomings that need to be addressed, streamlines the project life cycle.
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