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Commercial &
Infrastructure Services


Structural Design

We undertake structural design services for a diverse range of medium to large scale commercial and infrastructure clients. Our pragmatic and multi-discipline approach, coupled with our 3D modelling and BIM capabilities, sets our team apart.

Value Engineering

We are recognised within the industry for delivering high standards of engineering on technically challenging projects. We deliver solutions that are practical and focus on constructability.

Temporary Works Design

Our team are experienced in practical temporary works solutions and designs. Almost all forms of construction projects require some temporary design solutions, and our team can assist.

Construction Support

We can provide regular construction inspections, liaison with the builder and building certifier as well as review and certification for shop drawings.



We provide a variety of services in the pre-project phase including desktop studies, intrusive drilling investigations, laboratory testing, and geotechnical guidance and design to support the project team in refining designs and determining whether a project is feasible to proceed to the next phase.

Geotechnical Design

Projects often require features such as retaining structures, anchors, stability analysis, settlement prediction, and foundation design. We are positioned well to provide realistic and practical solutions that can be effectively constructed.

Construction Support

We are a trusted consultant to some of the largest construction companies in Australia providing guidance, support, and certification for a variety of construction related activities.

Expert Consultancy

We are called on to provide opinion, guidance and to provide a third-party check in our roles as a trusted geotechnical consultant.


Project Feasibility

We undertake project feasibility work for our clients including urban subdivisions, infrastructure, and larger scale project inputs for civil engineering. This is a critical phase in the project lifecycle and planning for the best outcomes should start as early as possible.

Infrastructure Design

Our team of designers and Engineers can take concept designs through to detailed, shovel ready, construction documentation.

Project/Design Management

Management of the project from initial concept, through design planning and into construction and final handover, we can provide Project Management or Design Management to your project.

Superintendent and Construction Supervision

We can provide fill construction management, including preparation of tender and contract documentation, supervision of the construction phase and final RPEQ certification of the completed works.

Engineering built on collaboration with an end to end service.

Based in South East Queensland servicing all of Australia.

We’re founded on our relationships with our clients.

Our job is to be a trusted advisor throughout your journey.

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